iPhone Water damage? Cracked screen? Thats nothing to worry about when you come into Phonephix! 

Most iPhone repairs can be done within 15 minutes. However, the amount of damage done to your phone can impact how much time it will take to repair, as well as how costly it will be. The dreaded water damage. Just because you dropped your phone in the pool this summer that doesn’t have to mean the end of your phone. 

Here are some steps you can take to minimize the damage to your device.

  • – Take the phone out of the water as fast as possible.
  • – If the phone is on, turn it off immediately.
  • – Remove the case and the SIM card.
  • – Shake the phone to try and get out any excess water.
  • – Do not turn the phone back on as this can cause short circuits within your phone.
  • – If you have silica packets, put your phone in a container with these packets. This will draw out moisture. If you don’t have silica packets, rice will work however then you run the risk of getting dust inside your phone. Be sure to work quickly, as water reacts with the metal parts in your phone and causes corrosion.
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