Water Damage iPhone Repair

What to do When Your iPhone is Water Damaged?

Water damage is probably the second leading damage type to iPhones after shattered screens. Fortunately, a quick dip in water or any other liquid does not translate into a death sentence for your phone. It can be easily fixed, and data recovered. It all depends on how you handle the phone after it drops in the water. Remember that what you can do amounts to first aid. To ensure that your phone is completely safe, take it to a water damage iPhone repair service. 


Immediately the iPhone drops into water

  • Take the iPhone out of the water as fast as possible 
  • If the phone is on switch it off promptly 
  • If the iPhone is in a case remove the case and the SIM card
  • Shake the phone vigorously to get rid of any excess water in the ports and jacks
  • Do not turn on the phone again to check if it is still working. This could cause short circuits and damage your iPhone’s electrical boards.
  • If you have a bag of rice in the house, put the iPhone in it and cover it with rice. A bag of silica gel beads works even better. This is because silica is dustless, unlike rice. These are the white beads that come in sachets with some electronics or new shoes. They can also be found at the nearby hardware store.

When your iPhone drops in the water, the water gets into all kinds of nooks and crannies on the phone. If the phone is not properly cleaned, this water reacts with the metallic parts in the phone and corrosion builds up fast.  

Your iPhone could suffer corrosion damage within 24 hours. Corrosion damage can irreversibly damage your phone as it eats away the metallic parts, or make it very expensive to repair.


Use an iPhone repair service 

Ultimately, the best option would be to take your iPhone to a water damage iPhone repair service like PhonePhix. There are several good reasons for doing so:

  • Specialist kit –Unscrewing an iPhone requires proprietary screwdrivers that are not easy to come by. A phone repair service will not charge you for this kit. Specialist cleaning oils are also required to ensure all water has been washed off, and any corrosion buildup is wiped off. 
  • Specialist skills – Your iPhone may have started building up corrosion. A phone repair specialist will easily notice any damage and control it before it becomes extensive and irreversible.
  • More affordable – This is more affordable than buying an iPhone repair kit.