Smart Phone Speaker Repair


What to do When Your Smartphone’s Speakers Don’t Work

Do you have to turn on the hands-free feature to hear your callers? Is your phone silent even when you are playing music or games? These are symptoms of malfunctioning speakers. Your smartphone has 2 types of speakers.

 There is the internal speaker for using in calls, and the external speaker that gives sound for alarms, ringers, music, and other audio applications. It is sometimes possible to fix this problem yourself, but it may also require the attention of a smartphone repair service at times.

There are different reasons why the speakers could be malfunctioning:

Network problems: Poor network coverage can make sound come off poorly. This could be echoes, robotic sounds, distortions and static. This poor quality sound continues even after restarting the phone, using the hands-free feature or Bluetooth speakers.  

There is little you can do about poor network coverage apart from moving to an area with better network coverage, or switching to another provider. 

Software problems: This type of problem shows itself when the sound comes with some applications and disappears in others, for example, the ringer could be working fine but there is no audio from downloaded games. The downloaded applications could be incompatible.

Sometimes a smartphone will stop playing some audio files after a software upgrade. This is also a software problem. 

To fix software problems, check if the types of files you are downloading are compatible. Compatible music files will be indicated in your smartphone’s handbook. The alternative is to have the phone reset to its factory settings at a phone repair service.

Hardware problems: It is a hardware failure when no sound is coming from the speakers regardless of the applications you are using. This can be further tested using external speakers. Connect your headphones or external speakers through an audio output in the headphone jack. 


Repairing The Speakers 

Always back up your data before attempting any repairs. This is more so if it is a software problem which will need factory resetting. This procedure wipes all data and downloaded applications on the phone to restore it to its original form.

It is also highly advisable to take the smartphone to a professional smartphone speaker repair service. This will ensure that your phone’s audio problems are properly diagnosed and the appropriate repair is done.

Typical speaker repair will cost an average $30. It is better to pay this amount than attempt DIY replacement and risk damaging your phone to a larger extent. It is also faster and more convenient.