Samsung Phone Screen Repair

What to do When Your Samsung Screen Breaks 

Android phones may withstand abuse better than iPhones, but that does not mean they are unbreakable. The Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 is one such example. It has a glass edge to edge screen that is very prone to damage. This does not come cheap either, starting at $270 buying price only. 

Most Samsung smartphones will work, even with spider web cracks. Large cracks will render some parts of the screen unresponsive to touch, needing the attention of a Samsung phone screen repair service. 


When the crack is small 

Very small cracks also called hairline cracks are considered a factory flaw if your phone is still under warranty. Faint cracks are generally not a problem as they do not affect visibility or responsiveness of the screen. It will only be a visual nuisance. There is no sensation of bumping on the screen, and the user experience is largely smooth. 

Some cracks may be felt when using the phone. If the phone is usable without any noticeable change in screen visibility or responsiveness, the uncomfortable bumping can be covered with a screen protector. High-quality screen protectors are never noticeable and will protect the screen against further cracks. 


Big cracks and shattering 

Big cracks will affect the visibility of the screen making some parts dark and even unresponsive. The cracks are very tangible and you can cut a finger where sharp parts are protruding. It is possible to continue using the screen by placing a screen protector, but the user experience will be on and off depending on the application you are running. The better option is to have the screen replaced.

A shattered screen will most likely have small parts of the screen fallen off. A shattered screen makes the screen unusable and the only option is to replace it. 


Using a phone repair service 

It really is not advisable trying to do DIY phone screen replacement. This is because you run into the real risk of damaging your phone permanently if you don’t know what you are doing. Watching a few YouTube videos will not give you the hands-on skills and experience needed for screen replacement.

The best option is using a Samsung phone screen repair service such as PhonePhix. A repair service has some few advantages over taking the phone back to the manufacturer or doing a DIY screen replacement. When using a repair service a phone screen can be replaced in under 45 minutes while taking it back to the manufacturer’s dealer can last a few days.