iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone Screen Repair

IPhone models 6, 7, 8 and 10 feature lots of glass, with the iPhone 8 and 10 having a glass back. Accidents do happen and with a phone that has a huge glass surface, shattering a part of it is not unexpected. iPhone screen repair is not exactly cheap especially if your phone is out of warranty. The replacement costs for screen only on an iPhone 5 are $129. What do you do when you have a broken iPhone screen?

Check Phone Warranty & Apple Care

Use Apple’s warranty checker to find out the status of your iPhone’s warranty in case you are not sure. There are 3 outcomes to this check:

  • Out of warrantyYour screen can still be replaced at the Apple Store, but for a higher amount than would have cost if you had a warranty. There is also an alternative to going to an outside vendor for iPhone screen repair where costs are typically half of that in Apple stores. If your phone does not have the proper warranty contact us at PhonePhix and we can repair your phone screen quickly and correctly.
  • 1st Year Manufacturer warranty: Your iPhone is not covered for accidental damage under 1st-year manufacturer warranty. You will pay the same replacement cost as that of a phone out of warranty. If this is the case, come and see us at PhonePhix, and we can ensure you get your iPhone screen repaired.
  • Covered by Applecare+: If you had paid $99 for cover by Applecare+, you would pay $50-80 depending on the device. 

Make Sure You Backup The Device

It is important to back up your personal data including photos. This can be done on iTunes, or iCloud.  To back up the data on a PC or Mac, open up iTunes and choose ‘Backup’ on the screen summary.

To back up on iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup (iOS 7) or Backup(iOS 8) and press “Backup Now“. You can buy more iCloud storage if it is not sufficient. The good thing with backing up on iCloud is that you can access the data from anywhere after you replace your iPhone is repaired.

Take It To A Reputable Repair Shop

If your phone is out of warranty, having it repaired by a reputable repair shop is more economical than taking it to an Apple Store. To get the best deal for an iPhone screen repair, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How much will it cost? You want an affordable deal, otherwise, there would no point of having it repaired by a third party.
  • How long will it take? The repair shop may or may not have the screen you require in stock. If they have to source it elsewhere, you could wait up to a week.
  • What is the warranty? By taking your iPhone to a third party repair shop, you will void Apple’s warranty, so the repair shop must be able to guarantee their work.

If you live are looking for iPhone screen repair in Okotoks, Calgary, High River or other Southern Alberta communities contact PhonePhix. PhonePhix repairs screens for all makes and models of iPhones, we ensure quick repairs so you can have your phone back and be working ASAP.