iPhone Headphone Jack Repair

iPhone Headphone Jack Repair

There are some signs that point to a faulty headphone jack in an iPhone. These include:

  • The iPhone senses and shows that headphones are plugged in while they are not.
  • Audio that crackles, cuts in and out 
  • No sound coming from the headphone while they are plugged in and music is playing.

There are a few things you can do to determine whether you need iPhone headphone jack repair, or it is something that you can fix DIY.

Change The Headphones 

In many instances, it is the headphones that are faulty. This should be the first check. Use a pair of headphones that you have confirmed are working properly. Plug them in and listen to music or a podcast as well as make calls. If this pair of headphones is working properly, then your first pair is faulty.

Clean The Headphone Jack 

Your iPhone will accumulate fabric lint and other small bits of junk while it is in the pocket, or if you use it outdoors in dusty conditions. These particles can interfere with the connection between the headphones and the jack. To clean the jack, do the following:

  • Shine a light on the jack to see if there is any accumulated lint or other dirt
  • Remove lint and other dirt by blowing forcefully into the jack
  • To remove hard stuck dirt, clean using an ear swab with alcohol

Reboot The iPhone 

Restarting your iPhone clears the active memory. Software bugs that interfere with audio applications on the phone are sometimes cleared by rebooting the phone. 

Check The Audio Output Setting

Your iPhone could be channeling audio to a different output other than the headphones, for example, AirPlay-compatible speakers. To check if this is the case:

  • Open Control Center 
  • Look for AirPlay. If this option is on, it will be lit up.
  • Tap on AirPlay
  • Tap on iPhone and then done

Check for Bluetooth output as well. Open Control Center and toggle Bluetooth from on to off. 

Use An iPhone Repair Shop

If all these checks fail to bring back the audio, it means that your iPhone’s headphone jack is broken. The best solution would be to have iPhone headphone jack repair by a competent professional. This is because the headphone jack is part of the docking unit for the iPhone. Replacing it requires expertise so as not to brick your iPhone. If you require iPhone repair and iPhone headphone jack repair in Okotoks, South Calgary, High River or another Southern Alberta community contact PhonePhix for quick, affordable and quality iPhone and mobile device repair.

Your iPhone would be quite useless without audio. Getting a headphone jack replaced by a competent pro at a repair shop like PhonePhix will be quick, generally taking under an hour. Use our professional services to get back your iPhone’s full experience.