iPad Screen Repair


What to do With a Cracked iPad Screen?

While an iPad can work perfectly with minor screen damage, it looks ugly and defeats the essence of having one; style. Medium damage will also work on and off but there is the danger of cutting your finger on the cracked glass. Getting an iPad screen repaired by Apple is not exactly cheap. The minimum you can expect to pay is $199 for the iPad mini which climbs up as the screen gets bigger, to $599 for the IPad pro’s 12.9-inch screen. However, you can still get iPad screen repair at cheaper prices.  


Small Crack Screen Repair 

Very small or hairline cracks are sometimes considered flaws in the phone’s make and will be replaced by Apple if your iPad’s warranty is still valid. Small cracks will be barely noticeable, and your iPad will continue working fine.

However, a small crack can grow into a big one leading to the screen shattering and render the phone unusable if the screen gets hit on this weak point. This is more so if the iPad gets rough handling especially kids games.

To prevent a small crack growing into a bigger one, use a screen protector. You can get very clear and string iPad screen protectors on an iPad screen repair service.


Big Crack Screen Repair

An iPad screen with a big crack might still work on and off. The biggest risk would be to your fingers as the shattered glass can easily cut your fingers. If you don’t have the cash for a replacement, you can install a screen protector which will keep your fingers safe.


Using an iPad Screen Repair Service

If you opt to replace your iPad’s screen, the most affordable option would be an iPad screen repair service like PhonePhix. The replacement costs can go lower than $100 even for the bigger iPad models. 

What are the advantages of using an iPad screen repair service, other than DIY replacement or going to Apple?

  • Affordability – You will not have to incur the costs needed in DIY replacement which involve buying a new screen and an Apple repair toolkit. A repair service will charge a third of what Apple would have charged you.
  • Fast service – If you take your iPad to Apple, you will have to wait 3-4 working days while repair at a phone service takes less than 45 minutes.
  • Skills – Repairing your iPad DIY style runs the risks of completely damaging it or bricking it. A phone repairman possesses more skills and experience in handling these devices and can do it safely.